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magnetic separator for conveyor belts. We are among the leading manufacturers and exporters of Overband Magnetic Separator. These have been designed with the application of domain expertise and cutting edge technology.

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Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators are designed for high capacity, continuous removal or concentration of feebly magnetic materials. High capacity without clogging. Advanced design and durable construction with less maintenance (Matrix fabrication technology patented).


1/00 Magnetic separation 1/002 . {High gradient magnetic separation} 1/005 . Pretreatment specially adapted for magnetic separation 1/01 . by addition of magnetic adjuvants 1/015 . by chemical treatment imparting magnetic properties to the material to be separated, e.g. roasting, reduction, oxidation

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Crossbelt or belt magnets, also known as overhead magnetic separators, offer a practical and efficient method for separating ferrous metal from fast-moving materials on conveyors. Our belt magnets utilize Tri-Polar Magnetic Circuitry, exclusive to the industry! Crossbelt magnets reclaim a higher percentage of valuable steel

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10/8/2016 · The belt in the WBHGMS separator is uniquely designed into a shallow U-shaped chute, wherein slurry flows downward. Magnetic particles in the slurry are captured onto belt by narrow magnetic poles under the belt, and then are retained and carried upward by bulged strips arranged on the belt to achieve a WBHGMS process. (3)

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Quart Sand Iron Sand Dry Magnetic Separator. The magnetic rod separator can reduce the iron content in non metallic minerals quartz sand is a kind of non metallic mineral its main component is silicon dioxide among them iron removal is the most important step which directly affects the purity of quartz sand quartz sand is made of quartz stone by crushing and processing

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At these mines a device called a Wetherill's Magnetic Separator (invented by John Price Wetherill, 1844–1906) was used. In this machine the raw ore, after calcination was fed onto a moving belt which passed underneath two pairs of electromagnets under which further belts ran at right angles to the feed belt.


announced in 1700 the application of magnetic separation to treat cassiterite con-taminated with iron, which could not be separated by water washing. The treatment was carried out by a hand magnet. In 1792 Fuller applied for a patent for the separation of iron ore using a magnet. In 1854 Palmer proposed a magnetic separator with magnet

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Jade Magnetics manufactures standard and specialized circular, rectangular electric magnets, patent magnet control system and auxiliary equipment for material and scrap handling. Our magnetic separation equipment includes electric magnetic drums, over-the-belt electric magnetic separator, specialized dry/water cooling and oil cooling magnetic separators and other customized electric magnetic

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A standard magnetic separator as described in German patent document 2,601,417 of J. Peace (claiming a British priority date of Sep. 5, 1975) and U.S. Pat. No. 4,055,489 of W. Soley comprises an overhead pickup belt that runs underneath a powerful magnet above a conveyor along which moves bulk material including magnetically attractable elements.

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An apparatus for separating magnetic minerals from nonmagnetic minerals. It consists of two flat belts, the upper of which is the wider, run parallel to each other and over long magnets set obliquely to the belts. Consequently, magnetic particles are drawn up against the upper belt, and as they pass beyond the influence of the magnets, fall from the edge past the other belt into a bin.

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Main Item: magnetic separator, magnetic pulley, wet drum magnetic separator, Suspended magnetic separator, Suspended plate magnet, permanet magnet, crusher, ball mill, iron sand, iron ore, grinder, belt conveyor. Business Type: Manufacturer.

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A magnetic separator for a mineral feed comprising, a rotatable drum having an attraction surface, an inlet for receiving a stream of the mineral feed and directing it past the rotating drum, means for generating a magnetic field to attract magnetic components in the feed to the attraction surface, a first zone for take off of non-magnetic components of the mineral feed, and a second zone for

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The various magnetic separators are drum, cross belt, roll, high gradient magnetic separation, high intensity magnetic separation, and low intensity magnetic separation types. Drum Separator The drum separator consists of a nonmagnetic drum fitted with 3%6% magnets composed of ceramic or rare earth magnetic .

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2011. Introduction of the proprietary SGM Eddy Current Separator TVIS spinning at 6.000 rpm provided with a titanium protection sleeve to contain the centrifuge forces of the permanent magnet blocks. Still today SGM is not only the pioneer of the high frequency ECS but, most probably, the quantity of high Frequency ECS (from 3.000 up to 6.000 rpm) supplied by SGM represents a multiple of the